Tag: Engineering Design

QCAD – 2D CAD for Engineering Design and Drawing

Functionality of the Software The QCAD functions on UNIX, Windows, Linux, SPARK, Mac OS X and Solaris which makes it important for association with different computing technologies. This software application is the computer aided design (CAD) available without cost for the point of 2D design as well as for drafting. The software GUI functions under the QT framework. With the…

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FreeCAD – An Open Source and Multi Platform 3D CAD Software for Engineering Designs

Review or Functionality: Computer aided designing and modeling software are very useful for modern engineering design purposes. They offer wide variety of features and support both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional drawings. The rendered 3d models will help us to understand the proposed structure closely and helps us to build real product more accurately. FreeCAD is free GPL Licensed 3D…

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