O.A.D – An Opensource RTS Game

Description or Functionality: The 0 A.D is the open source game advancing by the Wildfire Games with cross platform and available free of cost. The software contains historical war inclusive of economy game coming between 500 B.C and A.D 500. The game can be played with the help of Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. O.A.D is a real time strategy game. The fundamental aim of the game is to be free of charge and open source with assistance of General Public License V 2 license for game engine and the CC-BY-SA for the purpose of game art. Since 2000, the work of game is under progress and the real work initiated in the year 2003. Till now, no official announcement has been released regarding the finished version. The game software consists of real time strategy game play elements by constructing a basement, instructing an army, combat and technological and scientific research. The main theme of the game is warfare and economic expansion. The game in addition includes numerous units and structures explicitly to all civilization and land and naval parts. The multiplayer function is incorporated with the help of peer-to-peer networking exclusive of central server. The application uses Pyrogenesis game engine and contains various modes like single player and multiplayer.

Download Information: From this website you can download O.A.D Alpha Version 16 for Windows Operating System. To download latest O.A.D versions, you should visit home website.  From here you can download 0ad-0.0.16-alpha-win32.exe installation file for Windows. File size is 537 MB.

Uninstall Information

You can uninstall O.A.D from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows 7 or above) located in the Control Panel. Search for O.A.D and right click, then select “Uninstall/Change”. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 3.5 and above, Chrome 1 and above, Netscape Navigator 9 and above, Opera 9.5 and above, Safari 4 and above.

The Game Engine released under Free Software License GNU GPL V2. So it is available free from the manufacturer and thus we are distributing free of cost as it is GPL Software.

Game Content like art work, audio, and other datas are released under free license, i.e. Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and thus this game is completely free from the Manufacturer to download.

End User License Agreement with Us: EULA

File Name: 0ad-0.0.16-alpha-win32.exe File Size 537 MB,

For Source Code: Visit Home Website

Support/Contact: This version of game is in an alpha phase and it has many issues to fix. You will get helps from web forums, live support chat and technical issue tracking system to report any bugs and to solve any issues. Moreover to get the information regarding the operation of game, there is complete game manual to help you for better gaming.

Developer(s) Wildfire Games
Given release May 17, 2014
(Alpha 16)
Game Engine Pyrogenesis
Operating system Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Genre(s) Real Time Strategy Game
License GNU GPL V2
Home Website play0ad.com


Download installation file for Windows OS

Download 0ad-0.0.16-alpha-win32.exe

All the software programs listed in this website is having free General Public License (GPL) and thus you are legally permitted to download, copy and re-distribute it, but you must agree with Enduser license agreement and GPL license before downloading and installing any files from this server

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