Blender – A Free Open Source 3D Animation Software

Functionality of the Software

Blender is a free open source 3D animation program that runs on cross platforms of Linux, Windows and Macintosh computers developed by group of people including scientists, students, hobbyists, VFX experts, animators, game artists, modders and volunteers from various fields.  Blender 2.70 series version is currently released in this open source 3 D creation pipeline. Blender 3D animation pipeline suite has the features of modeling, animation, simulation, rigging, rendering, composting and motion tracking. Other than these video editing and game creation are also provided.  The General Public License allows this program to be used for commercial and educational purposes as it is defined as community driven project. This 3D software enable the user to create required small or large changes in code base. The interface used is Open GL. Alteration in the code base results in responsive bug fixes, new features, better and effective usability.  For specific compatibility supported platforms are provided that are supervised regularly by the development team. The online community can invest and participate in development of collaborative tools in the improvement of the efficiency of the program. Tutorials, principles of animation, testing, design proposals, documentation, education, and weekend contests are accessible in this free open source 3D creation pipeline platform.

Download Information : You can download blender version 2.70a which is 32 bit for windows operating system from here. For other platforms like Mac OSX and GNU/Linux, you should visit home website. You can also download source code from here. For 64 bit windows version of the software you should visit home website.

Uninstall Information

You can uninstall blender from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows 7 or above) located in the Control Panel. Search for blender and right click, then select “Uninstall/Change”. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 3.5 and above, Chrome 1 and above, opera 10 and above, Netscape Navigator 9 and above, Opera 9.5 and above, Safari 4 and above.

This Version of software released under Free Software LicenseGNU GPL V2. So it is available free from the manufacturer and thus we are distributing free of cost as it is GPL Software.

End User License Agreement with Us: EULA

File Name: Binary – blender-2.70a-windows32.exe File Size 42.2 MB,  Source Code – blender-2.70a.tar.gz File Size 53.3 MB

Support/Contact:  There are various supports provided by the developers of this software. They are online user manual, Tutorials, Community Support, Demo Files and FAQs, etc. You can also report a bug.

Developer Blender Foundation
Stable release 2.70a / April 11, 2014
Written in C, C++ and Python
Operating system GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and FreeBSD
Type 3D Computer Graphics
License GNU General Public License V2
Home Website

Download Binary form of Windows Version 2.70a download blender-2.70a-windows32.exe

Download Source code of Version 2.70a download blender-2.70a.tar.gz - Email Address:

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