Armagetron Advanced – A Tron clone 3D Online Multiplayer Game

Description or Functionality : The Armagetron Advanced endeavors to imitate and enlarge on the light cycle series from the film Tron with its multiplayer game. The software is obtainable for Microsoft Windows, Linux, AmigaOS, OS X and Open BSD. The software is available free of cost and issued under the Version 2 of the GNU General Public License. One of the modes of the gameplay is the Team Gauntlet where two teams try to win each other on different maps formulated. It is added with wild fortress which aims to defeat the zone of the opponent. The rotation mode is where two teams compete each other on different game modes. The death match is common way of playing i.e. the last man standing. The additional modes included are No Rubber, Low rubber, Medium rubber, High rubber, dog fight and loose or open play. The cooperation with team mates is the Team Death Match. Capture the enemy base is the Fortress. Sumo, race and Maze are other important modes available in the Armagetron advanced. The sty patch consists of shooting, StyBall, Capture the flag, Capture the Flag shooting, Flag Fortress and Fast Track. The software has been developed by the and released in 2001. The software is added with both multiplayer and single player.

Download Information : From this website you can download Armagetron Advanced Version for Windows Operating System. To download latest and other Armagetron Advanced versions, you should visit home website.  From here you can download armagetronad- installation file for Windows. File size is 2.8 MB. You can also download source code from here. The source file is armagetronad- and it is 1.8 MB in size.

Uninstall Information

You can uninstall Armagetron Advanced from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows 7 or above) located in the Control Panel. Search for Armagetron Advanced and right click, then select “Uninstall/Change”. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 3.5 and above, Chrome 1 and above, Netscape Navigator 9 and above, Opera 9.5 and above, Safari 4 and above.

The Game Engine released under Free Software License:  GNU GPL V2. So it is available free from the manufacturer and thus we are distributing free of cost as it is GPL Software.

Game Contents are also released under free license, GNU GPL and thus this game is completely free from the Manufacturer to download.

End User License Agreement with Us: EULA

File Name: armagetronad- File Size 2.8 MB

Source Code: File Name: armagetronad- File Size:  1.8 MB

Armagetron Advanced provides support and help in the form of forums and wiki. If you want to contact the Armagetron advanced staffs, you should visit the forums as they are active there.

Release 2001
Written in C Language
Operating system Windows,Mac OS X, Linux
Genre(s) 3D online multiplayer game, arcade
License GNU GPL
Home Website


Download installation file of Armagetron Advanced Version for Windows

Download armagetronad- the Source Code

Download armagetronad- the software programs listed in this website is having free General Public License (GPL) and thus you are legally permitted to download, copy and re-distribute it, but you must agree with Enduser license agreement and GPL license before downloading and installing any files from this server - Email Address:

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